10 Questions Buyers Should Ask Furniture Consignment Stores


Maybe you’ve never even considered consignment shopping. If not, why not see if it might work for you? When choosing a furniture consignment store, pick a reliable store with high standards. After all, the ambiance and comfort of your home are at stake here. Choose a store you trust to help you make the right choices. 

Before you buy furniture from a consignment store, there are a few important questions you should ask. By doing your research ahead of time, you can be sure you’re getting a good deal on quality furniture. Here are ten questions to ask a furniture consignment store before making a purchase:

1. What is the Store’s Return Policy?

Most consignment stores have a strict no-returns policy. This is because the furniture is typically used or vintage, and may not be in the same condition as when it was first consigned. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

2. What is the Average Turnaround Time for Furniture Consignment?

The average turnaround time for furniture consignment is typically between 60-90 days. This means that the furniture will be in the store for at least two months before it is eligible for pick-up or delivery. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

3. What are the Store’s Consignment Fees?

Most consignment stores charge a consignment fee, which is a percentage of the sale price. The consignment fee is typically between 30-50%. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

4. What are the Store’s Payment Terms?

Most consignment stores pay consignors on a monthly basis. Payment is typically issued 30-60 days after the furniture is sold. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

5. How Often Do You Receive New Furniture Consignments?

Most consignment stores receive new furniture consignments on a weekly basis. However, some stores may receive new shipments more or less often. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

6. Do You Have a Minimum Price for Furniture Consignments?

Most consignment stores have a minimum price for furniture consignments. The minimum price is typically $100. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

7. What is Your Policy on Holds?

Some consignment stores allow customers to put furniture on hold for a period of time. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy on holds before making a purchase.

8. What is the Store’s Policy on Damaged or Defective Furniture?

Most consignment stores have a policy on damaged or defective furniture. Be sure to ask about the store’s policy before making a purchase.

9. Can I See a Copy of Your Consignment Agreement?

Most consignment stores have a consignment agreement that outlines the terms of the consignment. Be sure to ask to see a copy of the agreement before making a purchase.

10. Do You Have Any Promotions or Discounts Currently Available?

Many consignment stores offer promotions or discounts on furniture consignments. Be sure to ask about any promotions or discounts before making a purchase.


It is important to ask a furniture consignment store a few key questions before making a purchase. First, find out how long the store has been in business. This will give you an idea of their experience and expertise. Next, ask about their return policy. This is important in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. Finally, ask about their delivery options. This will ensure that you can get your furniture home safely and without any issues. By asking these key questions, you can be sure that you are making a wise purchase from a reputable store.

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7 Reasons To Buy Furniture From a Consignment Store


A consignment store is a store that sells second-hand items on behalf of the original owner. They earn money by receiving a percentage of the sale price, and through this, owners can simply let someone else their things while earning something in the process.

That said, for buyers, consignment stores are a great way to save money on furniture for the simple fact that the items are typically second-hand. Of course, there are a ton of other benefits that one can enjoy when buying from consignment stores!

Today, we want to delve into those benefits, sharing with you a couple of benefits you can get specifically by buying furniture from consignment stores:

1. You Can Save a Lot of Money

Consignment stores typically sell furniture for much less than retail prices. This can be a great way to save money on furniture, especially if you are looking for high-quality pieces.

2. You Can Find Unique Pieces

Since consignment stores sell furniture that has been used, you can often find unique pieces that you would be unlikely to find at a traditional furniture store. This can be a great way to add character to your home.

3. You Can Support Local Businesses

When you shop at a consignment store, you are supporting a local business. This can be a great way to help out your community and local economy as you are circulating more cash locally compared to sending money to another country.

4. You Can Help the Environment

By shopping at a consignment store, you can help reduce the amount of furniture that ends up in landfills. This is because consignment stores sell furniture that would otherwise be thrown away.

5. You Can Get a Great Deal on Gently Used Furniture

Consignment stores typically sell furniture that is in good condition but has been gently used. This means that you can get a great deal on furniture that is still in good shape.

6. You Can Avoid Buying New Furniture

If you are trying to avoid buying new furniture, shopping at a consignment store is a great way to do that. This is because you can find gently used furniture that is just as good as new furniture.

7. You Can Find Furniture for Any Budget

Consignment stores typically have a wide range of prices, which means that you can find furniture to fit any budget. This is a great way to get the furniture you want without spending a lot of money.


All in all, if you’re short on money but are in need of new furniture, or you simply want to save cash or access unique pieces of furniture, then consignment furniture stores are perfect for you! They offer plenty of options for you, and with excellent prices, you’re bound to be able to find the piece of furniture you want to decorate your home with without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Check out consignment stores near you today and pay them a visit to check out what they have to offer!

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5 Reasons Consignment Store a Good Choice for Furnitures


You want to locate furniture that is not only fashionable but also comfy, and you also want to get it at an affordable price. People interested in purchasing high-quality furniture much lower than the retail price have a great option available in consignment furniture stores.

You may also quickly put some additional cash in your pocket by selling your furniture through a consignment shop. There are a lot of secondhand furniture businesses out there, and many of them will let you make straightforward trades to guarantee that you acquire home furnishings of an equivalent or lower value.

Read on to help you better understand the five good reasons to choose a consignment furniture store.

1. Find High-Quality Furniture at a Fraction of the Price

You may frequently discover furniture of excellent quality for a fraction of the original cost. It is because most consignment businesses sell previously used furniture that has been a little worn but is still in good shape.

2. You Can Negotiate Prices

Those looking for ways to reduce the amount of money spent on a piece of furniture might benefit significantly from shopping at consignment furniture businesses. You can get a fantastic deal on the piece of furniture you desire if you negotiate the price with the store proprietor.

Remember that if you are willing to pay cash, the store proprietor may be more inclined to negotiate the price with you. If you pay with a credit card, the store proprietor may be less willing to bargain with you. You should also Know what you are ready to pay for the piece of furniture you are interested in and be prepared to stick to your price. 

3. Support a Good Cause

By supporting local merchants at a consignment shop, you may not even realize how much you’re helping. Community members can find work at local consignment shops. Companies that pick up and deliver the goods also benefit from them. Buying used furniture means less waste going to landfills. That’s beneficial to both the ecosystem and the economy.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

Many people have old furniture that they no longer want or need. They may have inherited it from a family member, or they may have simply outgrown it. Whatever the reason, consignment stores offer a great way to get rid of unwanted furniture.

When you sell furniture through a consignment store, you can be sure it will go to a good home. The store will carefully screen the buyers to ensure they can take proper care of the furniture. This way, you can be sure that your furniture will be well-cared for even after it leaves your home.

5. Find Something for Every Room

You never know what you might find when you walk into a consignment store. That’s part of the fun! You might find a piece of furniture you fall in love with or the perfect accessory to finish a room. No matter what you are looking for, you will find something you love when you shop at a consignment store.


Choosing a consignment store to buy and sell furniture is a great option. You will have the opportunity to save money by purchasing furniture that has just been lightly used and is still in good shape. In addition to this, you will have the possibility to sell your furniture at a reasonable price.

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Top 5 Amazing Perks of Consignment Furniture Stores

furniture store

Consignment stores are a great way to eliminate unwanted items and make extra cash. Here are some reasons why selling through Naples consignment shops makes sense:

Whether it’s new apparel purchases or sentimental objects we need to get go of, we have too much stuff. It’s time to visit the local consignment store and earn some money. 

When you sell your items, specifically furniture, through furniture consignment stores in Naples, Florida, you cede control of them to the merchant. The merchant then markets, promotes and sells your products in your place. 

Depending on your agreement with the store, you could receive a portion of the sale. It is that simple. 

Minimal Effort

You must gather your materials and bring them with you when shopping. The consignment shop will then manage the full sale. Make sure you are mindful of the policies of the consignment shop. Hanging clothes on hooks often will help keep them fresh and stain-free. 

Most Naples consignment furniture stores want advanced photos before accepting your items. 

Additionally, only certain brands or seasons might be accepted by the store. Be familiar with the rules before entering. Thankfully, the consignment store has a committed clientele. You are not required to search for buyers.


You virtually run zero risk. If a retailer gives you cash upfront to buy and resell your items, it is referred to as a “Buy Outright” or “Resale” store. Your possessions will be examined by a consignment store, which will accept those that they think the market will value. 

Try not to feel terrible when your one-piece bathing suit that looks like an avocado gets turned down. 

Deep down, you knew that you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. It’s time to part with it. Nevertheless, per your contract, you will be paid when your other things are sold.


Have you ever tried selling something online on your own? You post your images to a local Facebook group for sharing.

Are there any bundled accessories? Do you still possess the original packaging? What else would you accept? One advantage of selling through a consignment business is that you don’t have to bargain with the buyer. 

No one responds to emails, calls, or Facebook messages. There is no requirement to arrange a safe location to meet with the buyers. Every detail of your treatment is taken care of.

Cheapest Price

Without expertise, how would you decide on the best price to demand? Consignment stores eliminate the pricing uncertainty. 

Consignment shops will be able to sell your stuff for more money than you could at a garage sale since they are professionals at what they do. More money will be in your pocket as a result.

No Need For Shipping

When you sell things through a consignment shop, taxes and shipping expenses are not considered. Additionally, there is no need for packaging or post office excursions. All you need to do is go to your mailbox or pick up a check.


Selling through a consignment store can be a great way to make extra money while decluttering your home. You can typically get a higher percentage of the sale price than you would if you sold the item on your own, and you don’t have to worry about having a garage sale or meeting strangers from online classified ads. Consignment stores do all the work for you, from advertising to selling to shipping. And you can usually get your items back if they don’t sell within a certain timeframe. So, selling through a consignment store is worth considering if you want to declutter and make money simultaneously.

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