Top 5 Amazing Perks of Consignment Furniture Stores

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Consignment stores are a great way to eliminate unwanted items and make extra cash. Here are some reasons why selling through Naples consignment shops makes sense:

Whether it’s new apparel purchases or sentimental objects we need to get go of, we have too much stuff. It’s time to visit the local consignment store and earn some money. 

When you sell your items, specifically furniture, through furniture consignment stores in Naples, Florida, you cede control of them to the merchant. The merchant then markets, promotes and sells your products in your place. 

Depending on your agreement with the store, you could receive a portion of the sale. It is that simple. 

Minimal Effort

You must gather your materials and bring them with you when shopping. The consignment shop will then manage the full sale. Make sure you are mindful of the policies of the consignment shop. Hanging clothes on hooks often will help keep them fresh and stain-free. 

Most Naples consignment furniture stores want advanced photos before accepting your items. 

Additionally, only certain brands or seasons might be accepted by the store. Be familiar with the rules before entering. Thankfully, the consignment store has a committed clientele. You are not required to search for buyers.


You virtually run zero risk. If a retailer gives you cash upfront to buy and resell your items, it is referred to as a “Buy Outright” or “Resale” store. Your possessions will be examined by a consignment store, which will accept those that they think the market will value. 

Try not to feel terrible when your one-piece bathing suit that looks like an avocado gets turned down. 

Deep down, you knew that you shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. It’s time to part with it. Nevertheless, per your contract, you will be paid when your other things are sold.


Have you ever tried selling something online on your own? You post your images to a local Facebook group for sharing.

Are there any bundled accessories? Do you still possess the original packaging? What else would you accept? One advantage of selling through a consignment business is that you don’t have to bargain with the buyer. 

No one responds to emails, calls, or Facebook messages. There is no requirement to arrange a safe location to meet with the buyers. Every detail of your treatment is taken care of.

Cheapest Price

Without expertise, how would you decide on the best price to demand? Consignment stores eliminate the pricing uncertainty. 

Consignment shops will be able to sell your stuff for more money than you could at a garage sale since they are professionals at what they do. More money will be in your pocket as a result.

No Need For Shipping

When you sell things through a consignment shop, taxes and shipping expenses are not considered. Additionally, there is no need for packaging or post office excursions. All you need to do is go to your mailbox or pick up a check.


Selling through a consignment store can be a great way to make extra money while decluttering your home. You can typically get a higher percentage of the sale price than you would if you sold the item on your own, and you don’t have to worry about having a garage sale or meeting strangers from online classified ads. Consignment stores do all the work for you, from advertising to selling to shipping. And you can usually get your items back if they don’t sell within a certain timeframe. So, selling through a consignment store is worth considering if you want to declutter and make money simultaneously.

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