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4 Tips to Remember When Shopping for Used Furniture

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Knowing the dos and don’ts when buying used furniture. First, it ensures you get a good quality piece that will last. Understanding what to look for and avoid can help you make better purchasing decisions. 

Second, it helps protect you and your family from potential hazards, as some used furniture may be unsafe due to wear and tear damage or outdated safety standards. 

Finally, it ensures you get good value, as used furniture can be a great way to save money. To help you make good choices, here are some tips to consider when buying used furniture in Fort Myers 

1. Look for Unpleasant Odors

When purchasing used furniture, it’s crucial to inspect it for any unpleasant odors carefully. This is particularly important for upholstered pieces, such as sofas and armchairs, which can easily absorb smells. Common odors that furniture can absorb include cigarette smoke, pet odor, urine, and the kitchen smells.

Once these odors become embedded in the fabric, it can be challenging to remove them entirely. This is because the odors penetrate deep into the fibers, making it challenging to eliminate them using standard cleaning methods. As a result, if you purchase furniture with a foul odor, you may find that the smell persists even after cleaning and airing out the piece.

2. Hunt for Furniture with Complete Parts

When examining furniture, it is crucial to check for any visible damages and ensure that all of its components are present. Missing parts can affect the furniture’s overall appearance and compromise its functionality and durability. 

In addition to looking for visible damage, it is essential to check the furniture for structural integrity. This includes checking for loose joints or pieces that need to be tightened or replaced. You should also check the legs and arms of the furniture to ensure they are secure and stable.

3. Check for Signs of Insect Infestation

Carefully examine used furniture for any indications of insect infestation before making a purchase or bringing it into your home. Termites and bed bugs are two common insects that can infest furniture and potentially cause problems in your living space. These pests can be difficult and costly to eradicate once they have taken up residence and pose health risks. 

Therefore, it is important to thoroughly inspect the furniture for any signs of insect infestation, such as tiny holes, sawdust, or live insects, to ensure that you do not unknowingly bring these pests into your home.

4. Avoid Used Mattresses

Buying a used mattress is not recommended because it can be unsafe for several reasons. Firstly, a used mattress may contain allergens such as dust mites and bed bugs, which can harm people with allergies or asthma. 

Secondly, a used mattress may be contaminated with bodily fluids, increasing the risk of infection. Thirdly, a used mattress may have lost its support and shape, leading to poor sleep quality and back pain. A used mattress may not meet current safety standards and could contain harmful chemicals.


When buying used furniture, it is essential to inspect the item for signs of wear and tear, check for any damage, and ask questions about the item’s history. It is also essential to consider the item’s cost and condition when making your decision. With these tips, you can confidently purchase quality used furniture for years.

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