Why Consign With Us

Do you have quality furniture, decorations or accesories but want a change?  Are you running out of space in your home or downsizing?  Get a fair price on all of your items. Avoid the hassle of newspaper ads, craigslist ads and garage sales.  Consign with us at Collective Consignment and let our experts handle your quality furniture and items for you.

Why Consign?

Advantages of Consignment

  • Internet & Craigslist Sales– Eliminate the risk of accepting personal checks, fraudulent cashiers check, and counterfeit money.  Theft and internet scams are common in today’s society.  Let our experts handle transactions for you.
  • Newspaper Ads–  Newspaper ads can cost anywhere from $50-$100 per week and also allows strangers into your home.  By using Collective Consignment, this eliminates strangers in your home and keeps your family and property protected.
  • Garage Sales–  Garage sale shoppers usually offer minimal amounts for items of interest.  Our expert team will maximize the value of your furniture and accesories beyond any amount you could make in a garage sale.



We consign with people in Fort Myers, Estero, Naples and surrounding areas.

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